30+ scroll-stopping TikTok hooks

Written by
Adam Roberts
Published on
July 31, 2023

You have a matter of SECONDS to stop people passing by your post.

Quick win?

Add an attention grabbing headline to your thumbnail.

Check out this list of 30+ helpful hooks to stop TikTok scrollers in their tracks ⬇️

- Behind the scenes of the manufacturing of product
- Bloopers / BTS / outtakes
- Come with me to x event
- Day 1 wrap up from event we’re exhibiting at
- Day in the life of a xxxxx
- Founder story
- How I found my favourite x
- How I got x in y timeframe
- How to x in three simple steps
- I had no idea this product did this
- Meet the team
- My controversial take on x
- Pack orders with me
- POV visit to [insert location]
- Product sneak peeks / launch teasers
- Responding to comments face to camera
- Setting up for an event - timelapse
- Something you didn’t know…until now
- Things I don’t leave home without
- Things nobody will tell you about y
- This is why you are/are not xx
- This is your sign to y
- This one thing changed my life
- This vs that
- Three red flags
- Three things I learnt from using x product
- Watch till the end…
- What your y says about you
- Why I created xx product/service
- X reasons why you should/shouldn't
- X things I wish I knew earlier
- You wont believe this…

You can also download your own copy of this list as a PDF via this link.

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