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Written by
Adam Roberts
Published on
July 14, 2022

Winchester social media marketing company Seen Agency targeting new partnerships with city businesses after relaunch.

TWO ambitious young Winchester entrepreneurs are aiming to put the city's businesses on the map through the power of social media.

Ozzi Sanderson has already built an impressive client list since launching his creative content and social media startup, Seen Agency, in 2020.

The 23-year-old has worked with the likes of Josie’s, Overdraft, The Cycle Company in Shawford, Bespoke Biking and Routes Coffee.

However, not wishing to rest on his laurels, Ozzi recently welcomed investment from his new partner and client director, Adam Roberts, and the pair relaunched the venture with a new brand identity and website in May.

Celebrating Seen's second birthday this week, the Wintonians are now setting their sights on forging new partnerships with independent businesses in the hope of helping them grow through creating "tip-top" content which "demands attention".

Ozzi said: "Seen was born and raised in Hampshire, surrounded by many incredible people and businesses. We want to help these businesses grow by delivering consistent, outstanding social media and eye-catching content."

With entrepreneurial flair from an early age, Ozzi’s first business came when he was 14 years old, creating and selling bright and colourful Lego cufflinks. They flew off the shelves of local retailer, The Hambledon, picked up by the businessmen of Winchester.

He made over £500 from the first venture and rather than using the money for sweets and video games - as any normal 14 year old would - he invested it into the next idea. Ozzi used the money to buy his first camera which sparked creating content for local cafes and restaurants.

While working as a barista at Josie’s in Winchester, Ozzi images for the well known brunch destination. This led to running and managing their social media channels, which he grew to over 20,0000 followers on Instagram.

Seen came to fruition just months after the pandemic hit. Ozzi, aged 20 at the time, founded the business off the back of his time as a freelance marketer and content creator. "It felt there was a gap in the market for a personable, creative and youthful agency," he said.

Ozzi quickly built a network of young local Winchester Creatives, many of whom still get involved in projects today.

Ozzi's partnership with Adam was one forged out of adversity. Having grown up in Winchester, attending Kings’ School and Peter Symonds College, Adam headed to university at Oxford Brookes.

In 2015, Adam, 31, joined local business Remarkable Group (now BECG), situated in the Pump House in Garnier Road before later moving on to a creative agency in London.

But when the Covid pandemic hit he was put on furlough by the company. During this period, he put the time to use by learning more about copywriting - which is where he first met Ozzi.

In the Summer of 2020, Adam was made redundant by the London agency, but secured a return to BECG as an Account Director.

However, Adam’s mother’s cancer had returned and the outlook wasn’t looking good. After battling the disease in 2012, the cancer had come back in a more aggressive manner. Karen died at the start of July 2021 at the age of 61.

She loved art and music and was always pushing Adam to work as hard as he could to keep developing in his marketing field.

Determined to use the inheritance he received to carry on his mother’s creative legacy and follow his ambition of running an agency, Adam began conversations with Ozzi to invest in Seen and partner up with the goal of growing and developing Seen into a bigger agency.

He said: "Our ambition is for the agency to become a mainstay and the local 'go-to' for social media and content creation. Stepping in as their marketing partners, we're committed to supporting local businesses and start ups, with the aim of growing awareness and driving growth. We're all about storytelling through clever content, and developing engaged communities across social channels."

Aside from the recent client wins of Bespoke Biking and Routes Coffee, the duo have also paid for a Seen sponsored bollard to be painted in The Square in August.

By Frankie Rudland @frankie_rudland Reporter

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