Seen's Six Social Showstoppers: Low and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Brands

Written by
‍Ozzi Sanderson
Published on
August 3, 2023
Fancy some social media inspiration from wider industries?

We’re going to be sharing a regular update on brands that we think are nailing their social presence…starting with low and non-alcoholic drinks brands.

Check out the shortlist below 👏

1. Days

Days is the ultimate 0% beer. A very tasty alternative to alcoholic beer. We'd also say their socials are pretty tasty too. Mouthwatering imagery which is playful and bold. Days has a great mix of UGC style content which is personal and relatable, as well as highly polished content for a more premium and aspirational feel. Great work!

2. Quarter

What's not to like here. Quarter has clearly worked on the creative direction of the brand. Employing the great Charlie McKay to take perfectly lit and unique photography. Whenever I see their posts, I know instantly it's a Quarter post. Impressive.

3. Wednesday's Domaine

Although small, Wednesday's Domaine has built a brilliant community surrounding their wine. Releasing a weekly 'Table Talk' which arrives in people's inboxes every Wednesday morning (of course). We enjoy their founder-led content, explaining the story of the brand through the eyes of Luke (the founder). Very personal.

4. Nozeco

Ok, maybe we're slightly biased here... but we have to admit Nozeco's content is second to none. We know first hand how hard they work on the direction and strategy of the content, coming up with seasonal themes that relate to their target audience. There's no boring product shots here - there's usually a face or hand using and showing off the product making it more 'human' and more engaging!

5. Lucky Saint

Similar to Days, Lucky Saint has a great mix of some very well shot photography and UGC. The Instagram feed is consistent throughout, without bombarding you with text. The imagery is subtle but most definitely effective!

6. Pentire

Beautiful. Pentire have stuck to their beachy routes with the colour palette of the imagery giving me summery, sea and sand vibes. It makes me smile whenever I look at their content, picturing myself sat on a beach drinking a refreshing and perfectly crafted Pentire with ice. Take a bow.

Special shout outs to CleanCo , Seedlip, Punchy Drinks and Thomson & Scott Noughty
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