Seen's Six Social Showstoppers: Confectionery Brands

best confectionery brands
Written by
‍Ozzi Sanderson
Published on
October 17, 2023
Fancy some social media inspiration from wider industries?

We’re going to be sharing a regular update on brands that we think are nailing their social presence...
Our third in the series... confectionery brands!

Check out the shortlist below 👏

1. Pip & Nut

Who doesn't love a peanut butter cup... Well Pip & Nut released their version of the Reese's classic and it tastes fantastic! We love a brand partnership, and wow have Pip & Nut got this right recently - teaming up with the brilliant Grind Coffee. Smashed it!

2. Love Raw

We big fans of Love Raw, and their tasty vegan-friendly treats.

Their Instagram feed really shows a great mix of well crafted and UGC-style content. Keeping it reactive, relevant and relatable. It's pretty easy to know where you can find them - so if you need your vegan chocolate fix, look no further.

3. Tony's Chocolonely

Ok, so normally we all about championing independent, UK-based brands here at Seen. But, we've made one exception for the excellent Tony's Chocolonely.

Their bold and fun studio-based product photography is bright, colourful and makes you smile - just like taking a bite of their delicious chocolate!

4. Mallow & Marsh

A quite clear and obvious theme of pink running across the feed. We like a feed that has consistency to it, making it instantly recognisable and on-brand.

Mallow & Marsh have clearly followed their brand guidelines to a tee, creating splashes of colour and showing the joy of real people enjoying their squidgy products.

5. Ombar

Like oat milk? You'll like Ombar. Like an engaging Instagram feed? You'll like Ombar.

A fabulous mix of content, including plenty of mouthwatering recipe videos.....which I'm sure get will get home chefs' taste buds tingling, and Insta saves flying through the roof! 

6. Rhythm 108

We first bumped into Rhythm 108 at the raye store in Spitalfields, when we were representing Yuum - and instantly got hooked.

We're always fans of seeing the humans behind the brands, and Rhythm 108 aren't afraid to show the people behind the business. It helps to build a community and engaged audience.

Special shout outs to Mighty Fine, Joe and Seph's, Lakrids by Bulow and Fulfil.
Oh and of course "No Self Noms" in true Top Jaw fashion, but of course Candy Kittens and Yuum have to be up there!
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