Seen's Six Social Showstoppers: Cycling Brands

best cyclling brands
Written by
‍Ozzi Sanderson
Published on
September 6, 2023
Fancy some social media inspiration from wider industries?

We’re going to be sharing a regular update on brands that we think are nailing their social presence...
Our second in the series... Cycling brands!

Check out the shortlist below 👏

1. Maap

Recently Maap has been putting out some unique and engaging photography. A mix of flash photography and blur makes you feel fast like you've just been caught by a speed camera.

Maap is aspirational, and encompasses the different feelings cycling has to offer.

2. Universal Colours

One word to describe Universal Colours: Bold.

Just like its designs, Universal Colours' social media stands out. We're big fans of how they show people having fun, smiling and laughing - and not just grinding it out hard on a steep incline.

3. Pas Normal Studios

Pas Normal is the epitome of cool.

Understated yet fashionable, their clothing is fit for the catwalk. If you're seen repping the lates PNS wear, we know you know.

4. Rapha

The OG cycling brand. The brand that will never die.

Did you know Rapha actually started out as marketing agency? Maybe that's why they're constantly killing it everywhere they go.

Or maybe it's food for thought for us...

Rapha needs no explanation, they're infallible.

5. Pearson

Since 1860, the Pearson family have been creating elegant and beautiful bikes and clothing. Yes you read that right - 1860, over 150 years! I don't think social media was around then, but we can see they've embraced the new age, sharing some brilliant UGC-style stories showcasing riders.

6. Café Du Cycliste

It's a well known fact that cyclists like to show off. So what better way to do so than in a Café Du Cycliste floral print jersey.

We're big fans of their bright and funky kit, paired with strong imagery that reinforces their community feel.

Special shout outs to Le Col, Attaquer, CHPT3, Quoc and Angry Pablo
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