Seen's Six Social Showstoppers: Restaurants

best restaurants
Written by
‍Ozzi Sanderson
Published on
November 28, 2023
Fancy some social media inspiration from wider industries?

We’re going to be sharing a regular update on brands that we think are nailing their social presence...
Our fourth in the series... restaurants!

Check out the shortlist below 👏

1. Fallow

My favourite restaurant of late.

Both the beautiful food and incredible service are second to none. 

Fallow is a top-end restaurant and isn't afraid of creating a stir on social media. You may have spotted their duck head dish or ‘Le Grand Coq’ (I won’t go into detail, but check it out if you’re feeling brave).

A great mix of UGC style, recipe creation and polished food shots makes this one a serious social showstopper! 

2. Supernova

The new kids on the block.

Supernova is taking the internet by storm with their 2 dish smash burger menu. Simple, but extremely effective. 

We’re big fans of their visual style too. It feels authentic and unique. Be prepared for the quuuuuuueues!

3. Strakers

3 words… All. Things. Butter.

TikTok chef sensation, Thomas Straker produced a hit series from his kitchen creating beautiful butters, getting everyone trying to perfect their quenelle (butter scoop). 

Off the back of his virality, his restaurant ‘Strakers’ has built an impressive audience. Creating sensational British dishes, with a touch of class. 

He’s now even launched a butter brand. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

4. Top Cuvée

Why follow Top Cuvée? Entertainment.

A clear and obvious social pillar has been executed perfectly. TC keep their followers engaged with clever and comedic content. 

Mix that with behind the scenes footage and mouthwatering content, and you have the recipe for social media success. 

5. Norman's

The OGs of the overhead shot.

Norman’s is a workers' cafe serving all the caf’ classics. From Jam Roly-Polys to ham, egg & chips -  they make the simple, sexy. 

Check out their instantly recognisable feed, and see if you’re tempted by their guilty pleasure dishes. 

Also, their recent collaboration with Burberry was pretty darn cool!

6. Jolene

Best bakery in London? It’s definitely in contention.

Their flakey pastries are addictive, and make for the perfect Sunday treat. 

We love that their feed is made up of phone photography, doing what they do best and leaving the work to the chefs. 

Special shout outs to Luca Clerkenwell, Circolo Poplare and Sandwhich Sandwhich

Oh and of course Josie's are always smashing it - getting some impressive TikTok views too! But of course, no self noms...

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