TL;DR TikTok's 'What's Next 2024 Trend Report'

Written by
Adam Roberts
Published on
December 7, 2023

TikTok unveiled its 'Whats Next 2024 Trend Report', and they've called for brands and creators to be braver for the new year.

Highlighting three specific trends, they're encouraging you to rip up standard storytelling practices, and dive headfirst into the unknown; evoking more curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage in the process.

TL;DR key points...

1) Curiosity killed the cat...but curiosity is what TikTok users want to experience more

As in the things you didn't know you needed to know.

Dig deeper into your community's needs and spark more interest by introducing them to new topics about your product / service that they previously weren't aware of.

Discovery of hyper-specific interests and shareable obsessions can help capture your community's interest even more.

Community-fueled storytelling enables your audience to join in the fun too.

2) Flip traditional storytelling on its head

TikTok encourages content thats designed to be reinterpreted and built upon. Don't be predictable with your story, and keep people invested in how the story eventually pans out.

And so listen to your audience - provide them with the chance to have their say in shaping your brands presence and content creation.

Bring new story arcs and test fresh creative hooks to keep the conversation flowing.

3) Cultivating trust beyond sales

Stemming from a wave of vulnerability, brands can leverage their community and creators by listening to the topics and values important to them.

Jump into sub-cultures and bring TikTok lingo into your creative content. This is all about establishing a deeper level of trust with your loyal fan base.

As always with marketing, proper growth emerges from standing out. Delving into the unknown and uncomfortable. And this requires brave experimentation to unlock it. Which is exactly what TikTok are wanting to see more brands doing IRL.

Are you willing to shake off the comfort blanket, and jump into ‘creative bravery’ in 2024?

You can download a copy of TikTok's report by visiting this page.

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