Seven Digital Marketing Trends Set to Dominate 2024

Written by
Adam Roberts
Published on
December 11, 2023

Preparing for what’s to come and keeping an eye on all the emerging social media trends shaping the digital marketing landscape is never easy.

But with one eye on the new year, you can build some of the key trends into your marketing activity for the year ahead.

So let’s run through what’s likely to be the big drivers from a marketing perspective…

> The evolution of social e-commerce
When scrolling, you’re never too far away from the increasing presence of shopping capabilities, such as TikTok shop and product tagging on Instagram.

This obviously takes away the ‘social’ element of social media - and no one likes being sold to - yet there’s no hiding from the rise of social commerce and its potential to transform how businesses sell products directly across social media platforms.

TikTok is now being considered a direct competitor with Amazon. And even Pinterest as a platform is seeing more and more e-commerce benefits for brands.

> Livestreaming: Being in the moment
Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live and other platforms are enabling users to show followers and connections what they’re up to in real time.

Whether this may be event presence, a new product launch, or even a founder Q&A, this ability to capture live interaction is proving popular, and should be explored as a fantastic opportunity to connect with your audience and grow that community feel.

> Personalisation and AI
There’s no doubting the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to expedite certain marketing tasks.

Nowadays, there are a tonne of AI tools on hand, and it’s worth examining how these tools can enable more effective marketing - potentially crafting more personalised experiences.

The creation of hyper-personalised content and stronger user experiences across social media can foster a greater community spirit, increasing your army of brand advocates.

> The (even greater) rise of UGC
Whilst brand posts still have their value, user generated content (UGC) is continuing to boom across social channels.

Collaborating with influencers and content creators enables not only the opportunity to get in front of their own audience, but the content they produce provides a genuine customer’s perspective of your product / service - making it more relatable and authentic.

Followers are also more likely to engage with UGC, than overly polished content. And by tapping into peer recommendations, brands can leverage the influence of their advocates to appeal to new customers.

> Quality audio content
Podcasting may seem like a completely saturated space, but the clever content creators will be tapping into a niche.

It’s all about providing value for listeners and producing an audio concept that makes people want to keep coming back for more.

This potent marketing channel enables brands to grow awareness and showcase their expertise, whilst effectively reaching a pretty targeted audience.

> Purpose-driven marketing
Social impact marketing is rife - and consumers are wary of good and bad practices, so will see right through half-hearted efforts.

Socially-conscious consumers are asking for more sustainable innovation - through recyclable packaging, carbon consumption and wastage.

And so your sustainability credentials matter more now, than ever before. Consider how these values and purpose-driven aspects can be used in your marketing activities to appeal to the evolving group of planet-conscious consumers.

> Nostalgia: Bring back the good ol’ days!
It’s fair to say we’ve experienced some turbulent years recently, and so people are reminiscing of the simpler times for comfort and escape.

Marketing to Gen Z and Millenials by using nostalgic tones evokes a wistful trip down memory lane to better days.

You’ll have seen vintage fashion making a comeback, old films and games getting revived, and even old school photography making a resurgence.

With the unsettled times we’re currently living through, and financial burdens impacting everyone’s day-to-day lives, harking back to that feeling of the more comfortable times provides an opportunity of escapism for your audience.

And so, will you be tapping into these trends, and bringing any of these opportunities into your 2024 marketing planning? Let us know…

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