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The brief

Rocketo, a leading provider of air-dried organic raw dog food and treats in the UK, is aiming to revolutionise dog wellness and bring convenience to dog owners' lives.

To achieve their goals of boosting brand awareness and becoming the fastest growing dog food brand on TikTok, Rocketo enlisted the expertise of Seen.

Our solution

Underpinned by a social strategy, Seen managed Rocketo's social media presence, engaging with new brand advocates and nurturing the brand's online community.

With a consistent stream of educational and entertaining content - as well as leveraging current trends - Seen worked closely with the Rocketo team to drive user-generated content (UGC) and foster influencer engagement.

By partnering with popular doggie mirco influencers, Seen complemented Rocketo's organic content with third-party promotion, expanding brand awareness and enticing more pups to sample Rocketo's delectable food.

The results

In just three months, Rocketo's TikTok channel witnessed remarkable growth, accumulating over 760k video views, reaching nearly 660k unique viewers, garnering more than 35k likes, and attracting close to 2k followers.

On Instagram, Rocketo experienced an impressive 420% increase in follower growth against the same period prior, thanks to a combination of influencer marketing, brand collaborations, and engaging giveaways that effectively drew new audiences to the brand.

Notably, Rocketo's Instagram profile achieved a reach of nearly 300k, while also receiving almost 20k profile visits within the three-month timeframe. | TikTok | InstagramFacebook

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